Help the victims in Japan/Asia-Pacific! Proceeds from sales of my music will go to Red Cross.

All proceeds from the sales of the 4 pre-release tracks from Thomas Bergersen’s upcoming album “Illusions” for the next 3 months including all of March will go to Red Cross, and their relief efforts in Japan/Asia-Pacific.

You can find the iTunes pieces here:


Please note that there’s a 2 week money flow delay. For immediate aid, please donate directly to the helping organizations.

6 Responses to “Help the victims in Japan/Asia-Pacific! Proceeds from sales of my music will go to Red Cross.”

  1. Thank you, Thomas. I’ll definitely contribute.🙂

  2. Thomas, you are definitely the best.

    I hope the proceeds will help the victims of this catastrophe. Even if there is a flow delay as you mentioned…by donating the way you made possible one can get the best music on earth and do in return something good for the earth.

    Let’s hope that everythings works out as fine as possible.

    Your sincerly,

    P.S.: Please excuse me if my english is not to good in grammar or spelling i’m not a native speaker/writer

  3. Why on missing album XTS036?

  4. Bought it, cried, love it. Please, please make more.

  5. plsletitrain Says:

    This is sort of off-topic but I don’t know where to put it so pardon if I had to ask it on this post. I was listening to the track “Eria” and the voice is so enchanting it reminds me of another favorite artist of mine, Sarah Brightman. Is she the one singing on the track?

  6. when will “nero” be done?

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