“United We Stand, Divided We Fall” – Exclusive Preview Track From “Eclipse”

Giving back to my fans I decided to release a premix of a track I’ve composed called “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” from the upcoming Two Steps From Hell album “Eclipse”! You guys inspire me to write new and hopefully fresh music so this is me, giving back to you. Thank you! ❤

Listen to “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” composed by Thomas Bergersen here!

I only ask one favor of you – please help me promote myself (and the upcoming album “Illusions”) on facebook by “liking” my artist page:

Link to my fan page on Facebook

Thank you!!!! 🙂

Best regards,
Thomas Bergersen



30 Responses to ““United We Stand, Divided We Fall” – Exclusive Preview Track From “Eclipse””

  1. plsletitrain Says:

    Black Blade and Dark Ages being my favorites, this one you sure captured me!!! I was having goosebumps while listening to it..gosh this is so epic and sooooo to my liking!!!! I don’t have a facebook account 😦 but I will promote this on another site I frequent. Promise.

    Did I mention United we Stand, Divided we Fall is sooooooo epic??????? I can’t have enough of it. Really dude, saying I loved this when I heard it is an understatement.

  2. I would first like to say thank you for releasing this preview track. Eclipse sounds like its going to be a instant favourite album for me. I dare ask perhaps we may also get a sample from TSFHeaven ^^ anyway fantastic work Thomas good luck with these upcoming albums you truly are one of the best trailer music companies in the world of motion picture advertising.

  3. That’s AMAZING stuff you’ve written, Tom. Dynamic, aggressive, just how I like TSFH. 🙂

    If you ever move on to composing music for feature films, I’ll be damn sure to keep an eye on them. 😉

  4. Thank you Thomas, it’s a nice gesture! Sharing such a powerfull track with us is very kind, and I really appreciate it 🙂 But of course, I also appreciate your interaction with us.

    Keep it up and good luck with finishing Eclipse & Illusions!

  5. I thought that nothing could be better than “To Glory”. I was wrong 😉

    Absolutely amazing!

  6. Since I’ve already replied about the new song, I’ll copy my post here cause I can’t find any new words to describe it..

    “united we stand divided we fall is breathtaking…
    Eclipse must be THE best of them all… I’m starting to wonder, who can really compare to Thom’s musical evolution”

    and of course we are in your fb fan page, it seems such an easy task in exchange for what you have provided us!

  7. Breathtaking, thank you so much for sharing this track. I can’t stop listening to it.

  8. When Thomas creates new music genres…
    This is Epic Opera 😛

  9. I won’t repeat what everyone already said.
    I noticed that you use more vocal lately, and that your tracks are quite longer too!
    Of course that’s all good!

  10. As always, outstanding work. Every single track from “Eclipse” is amazing and that is unbelievable. Not often you can find so many incredible tracks on one album. And we even didn’t hear all of them! This album is gonna be the best album ever created, I’m 100% sure.

  11. Thank you everyone! I’m glad you like it !! I try to create something new every time. I think too much trailer music sounds the same so I’ve made it one of my goal to change that. Honestly though, this music isn’t really trailer music. It has traditional song format form, vocals and a length that extends far beyond your typical trailer. I simply call it “Epic World Music”, as there are traces of all kinds of musical cultures around the world 🙂

    Much <3,

  12. I absolutely love this track! Your mixes are always so spot on, they have such great sense of depth and space without loosing clarity. I wish I could mix that well ^^

    Can’t wait to hear more from Eclipse!

  13. One-Of-The-Best-Epic-Orchestral-Tracks-Ever-Created.
    Thanks for releasing it to public.

  14. Amazing! Your compositions are always the best. Karl Jenkins meets Hans Zimmer meets E.S Posthumus, perhaps – but that dosn’t quite do it justice. I really love your blend of traditional choirs with ethinc vocals. I can’t wait for Illusions and I seriously want to know what your artistry is capable outside of the the confines of the trailer music format. Good luck with all of your endeavours, I hope you know that you have many people who apprecitate your talent and want to know what you are truly capable of acomplishing. *Plays track again even louder*

  15. This is amazing. You never fail to impress me. Simply beautiful.

  16. Tom – Your music sounds and feels like nothing I have ever heard before – I LOVE your CD Invincible and only wish more of your works were available as mp3!! Huge thanks for sharing this track United we Stand – Divided we Fall *bows* – those of us who can’t get enough of EPIC WORLD music – or TSFH – will always be thankful for your genius! and for your ability to write and render music that makes life feel EXTRAordinary!!! (PS I did link to your page on facebook!) Infinite THANKS!!

  17. I’m confused… will Eclipse be released to the public to buy, like Invincible?

  18. Eclipse is not a public release.

  19. Oh my goodness…what a breathtaking track. my two girls, who are almost 9 and 7, keep asking to listen to it…they absolutely love it ♥

    I think it’s very considerate and humble of you to release such a powerful preview of your hard work…thanks so much….and we always look forward to your music!

  20. Wow, thanks for this! I really love it. It’ll go alongside Promises on my playlist, haha. It sounds amazing~ Keep on making awesome music~

  21. One of my dreams is to see you playing the music.. ¡¡Música chida!!.
    Where do you get so much imagination?!! (^_^)
    I can´t wait for the second album!!!.
    ¡¡Muchas Gracias Thomas!!.

  22. I really need a new cd soon. iTunes cant displayed the number of digits it requires to show the ‘plays.’

    I blast Invincible when I wake up, on the train to work, during work, on my lunch break, on the train home, during dinner and while laying in bed with my wife. My life has never been so Epic.

  23. could read into it! you write beautiful poetry in the music! Could you lay out the text about what is sung in your songs? I beg you! Thank you!
    I do not know english thank you if you got what I

  24. Is there a release date yet for eclipse on extreme music so we can have a listen 😀

  25. You must be amazing person making such a beautiful music! Are you planning to visit Poland? 🙂

  26. Taylor Starch Says:

    I can’t describe how much I love your music…any news/update on Illusions or Eclispe ???? I know I will freakin love Illusions,,good luck finishing and mastering the last songs it will be unbelievable to hear

  27. Your music is so *amazing* – I’ve listened to your music over 8,300 times – and the count keeps growing. I will buy every album you put out for sale – and if you do a feature film’s soundtrack, I’ll be all over it. Whenever I’m facing a challenge in life, I play some of my TSFH favorites, and somehow, the challenges don’t seem so daunting any more.

  28. Wow. Thomas, simply put, you are true inspiration. I love making music, (of course no where near as good as yours), and your tracks are just always amazing. I have to say my favorite track of yours is the second edit you released of Promise. I just love it. Really can’t wait for the release of Illusions! Thanks for the great music!

  29. Any updates you can share Thomas? 🙂

  30. Holy crap that was freaking amazing. That blew my mind x5

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