Final version of “Promise” and news about “Illusions”

Dear friends!

I have news πŸ™‚ My solo album has been retitled and will be called “Illusions”. I hope to finish it in 3-4 months from now. Thanks for your patience! Meanwhile I have recorded Merethe Soltvedt on “Promise”, as well as finished the composition and production. There might be another teaser piece soon. Thanks for your stoic patience!!!

Here’s a link to the music:




60 Responses to “Final version of “Promise” and news about “Illusions””

  1. Thank you!
    Changing the name of the album was the best thing to do, for many reasons, I’m really glad to see it happen. And I love the new name too!
    Can’t believe we’re finally getting to a release!
    And the final version of Promise makes the last few months even more painful…

    Just a question though : will Illusions be released as a TSFH album, or under your own name?

  2. It’s good to have some fresh news thanks!
    Didn’t know the track could have been any better but it is!
    Also I second Mondisto’s question and add another one : how many tracks ?
    Love the new name!

  3. Love this version too. Beautifully written and recorded. Looking forward to it πŸ˜€

  4. I really wanted to love the previous version but something kept holding me back. This version won me over at 2:00. It waited until 3:20 to blow me away. I love it.

    And I’m betting our patience will be a lot less stoic now that a clear timeline is out. πŸ˜‰

  5. Beautiful.

    Merethe Soltvedt really sets it off, it’s almost a completely new song from the original. I’m going to be listening to this on a loop for a good while I think. πŸ™‚

    Is your solo album going to be released publicly, and is there any chance we can get a preview of what we can expect from the album?

    • Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I’ve got this figured out. πŸ˜‰

      Thomas is just renaming Nemesis II. Nemesis II was going to be a public release, so that doesn’t change with this album. So yes, Illusions will be public album.

      Last I heard, Starvation, Merchant Prince, Ocean Princess and this track, Promise, will all be on Illusions. You can hear full previews of those tracks at TSFH’s Facebook:

  6. Is this album going to B for the public?.
    Good Job!!. Love it!!

  7. Thanks guys. Great questions! “Illusions” is not part of Two Steps From Hell, and will be released under my name. It will be sold on iTunes, Cdbaby and It will have between 15 and 20 tracks, depending on how much I decide to scrap before the release πŸ™‚ The ones that I end up scrapping will however make it on to the upcoming Two Steps From Hell album called “Eclipse” so don’t worry about missing out on anything! You are correct in that “Starvation”, “Ocean Princess”, “Merchant Prince” and “Promise” are some of the tracks on the album.


    • Thanks for this information Thomas. Hope to find it as a physical CD too on Cdbaby! Good luck with finishing the album πŸ™‚

    • plsletitrain Says:

      Wow Promise is fantabulous!!!!! And Wooh, it will be with Ocean Princess and Merchant Prince which are two of my favorites, awesome!!!! Did I say Promise is sooooo nice to the ears? I keep listening to it.

    • ‘β€œStarvation”, β€œOcean Princess”, β€œMerchant Prince” and β€œPromise” are some of the tracks on the album.’
      I think I’m going to cry from the excitement. Can’t wait! This is going to be definitely my favourite album of all time. And I agree with what Hans/Clayman says, a physical release would be great.
      Thank you for bringing us this amazing music, keep up the brilliant work. πŸ˜€

  8. Amazing!! The vocals are so beautiful!
    Guys! About one year left, and we can listen to Nemesis 2… Illusions I mean πŸ™‚
    I’m joking πŸ˜‰
    Thomas, thanks a lot for the news, it’s great to know that you don’t forgot us.
    Maybe a PHYSICAL cd under the Christmas tree guys!!!

  9. Damn! the track is sooo good!! The final version is in a way, more mature than the first one we heard! Great job Thomas! Both you and Tina are extremely talented, you know that!
    As for Illusions.. I really wanted “Nemesis II” to be the title but hey! as long as it has the same all-powerful tracks we’ve been used to, then the name shouldn’t bother me at all!
    3-4 months… Initiating countdown πŸ™‚

  10. Tom (and Nick), I’ve got to ask you — what animal should I sacrifice in order to ensure with the Gods that you’ll keep releasing such beautiful music in the future? πŸ˜€ I’ve been a fan of film (and game) music for about ten years now but there is something special about your stuff that I’m seriously addicted to and that makes me want to listen to it whenever I can. Merchant Prince, Ocean Princess and Promise became one of my favorites the moment I first heard them so I really can’t wait to get my hands on the whole “Illusions” album. πŸ™‚ You guys ROCK! Thank you!

  11. Hi Thomas!

    On which album will be the track “Salvation” ?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Kacska, “Salvation” will be featured on the upcoming Two Steps From Hell release “Eclipse”. “Starvation” on the other hand will be on my solo album, “Illusions”. Best, Thomas

  12. Wow I’m speechless πŸ™‚ I thought that previous version was fantastic, but this is… unbelievably great.

  13. I think I’m flying

  14. Who mixed this piece???

  15. Ive been waiting for this album since it was announced back in late 2008 I think. Since you’ve been working on it for over 3 years I know its going to be brilliant the ocean princess sample was proof of that but promise takes it to a hole new level =)

  16. Hi Thomas!
    This is my “Invincible”! (80min)
    01 Clair Voyant 15 Atlantis
    02 Dark Ages 16 Norwegian Pirate
    03 Army Of Justice 17 Heart Of Courage
    04 Black Blade 18 Velocitron
    05 Freedom Fighters 19 Undying Faith
    06 Invincible 20 Master Of Shadows
    07 False King 21 Protectors Of Earth
    08 Promise 22 Enigmatic Soul
    09 Tristan 23 Freefall
    10 Love and Loss 24 Sons Of War
    11 Ocean Princess 25 The Ancients
    12 Titan Dune 26 Merchant Prince
    13 Dark Harbor 27 To Glory
    14 Starvation 28 Clock Tower Parade

  17. I love this song with all my burning passion and I can’t stop listening to ‘Promise’. You did such a fantastic job and I hope you’ll never stop composing music filling my heart with joy and emotions. Thank you for all the awesome music and the beautiful time I had during listening to it ❀

  18. As always it is a pleasure listening to your compositions and this is a great addition!
    Keep up this wonderful work.

    All the best from Austria πŸ™‚


  19. Thanks for all your wonderful feedback guys & girls! πŸ™‚ It is extremely inspiring to me!

    Kacska, I like your list πŸ™‚

    Dirk, I mix and master all my tracks myself.


  20. Thomas, truly can’t wait for your upcoming solo album. I really hope you include some amazing softer/ethereal pieces in the new album. My all time favorite is Clair Voyant it is amazingly beautiful…I love your heavy sounding styled tracks but a cd full of tracks like clair voyant would be amazing. Can’t wait to get the cd and please remember us claire voyant type fans…hoping to hear a few new tracks like this on the new cd.

    Thank you for your amazing music.


  21. Not much to say except I love this music, and I can’t wait to buy your next album.

  22. God, I truly hope that on “Illusions” will be more tracks like Promise, Ocean Princess and Merchant Prince. I simply can’t start my day without listening to these tracks. They’re so powerful and thrilling that I feel like having power to do everything. I can’t even think what music I would be listen to if I hadn’t get to know Two Steps From Hell, because any other type of music in comparison is just boring and emotionless.

    Thank you for creating music.
    Wish You very best.

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Thank you Kamil, that warms my heart to hear! I am happy to let you know that the focus of “Illusions” is exactly like those kinds of tracks πŸ™‚ Thanks for writing, and I hope you enjoy it when it comes out.


  23. Hello Thomas, i must agree with Kamil B. Your music si so powerfull and inspirating.

    I hope that very very soon we can expected another preview from Illusions to be much more impatient till these days πŸ˜‰


  24. After listening to these tracks, I have to ask myself once again: if this is music, what have I been listening to before?

    Is that cruel of me to say? Probably. But is it true? … Well… :3

    At any rate, keep up the superb work!


  25. Thomas, you are amazing! Truly one of this age’s great composers. Move over Beethoven and Tchaikovsky!! Just love the new sounds. Just wondering who composed Magica? You or Nick? Up until now it’s been my favorite. Keep up the wonderful work, you are greatly appreciated.

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Haha! Thank you Lynne, that’s very sweet of you. “Magika” was featured on one of our first albums, “Dynasty” and was written by yours truly πŸ™‚ I hope you’ll like “Illusions” when it comes out!

  26. Please, make a christmas song!!. I know we all love christmas and also we love your music. It will be good if you guys make one.
    What do you think?.

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Actually I’ve written a Christmas piece called “It’s The Season For Love” on Dreams & Imaginations, maybe you can find it out there somewhere πŸ˜‰

  27. I’m not going to lie Thomas……Promise is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, if not THE most beautiful one (Your competition? Ocean Princess- go figure). I’ve been waiting for Nemesis 2/Illusions for a year and a half now, but its obvious you are truly putting in your best effort. If Promise and Ocean Princess are any indication, I’m reasonably sure its going to become my favorite CD of all time. I can’t wait for the release, as well as Eclipse and future TSFH.

    Out of curiosity, I’ve noticed that Alexsandar Dimitrijevich’s album “Sinners” from teddy bear music now carries the TSFH logo. Has Alexsandar joined the hallowed halls of TSFH?

    • Feliz Lombriz Says:

      I’m curious about the “Sinners” album too. Ryan beat me to the question. πŸ™‚

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Many thanks Ryan!

      The “Sinners” thing seems to have confused some people out there πŸ™‚ It’s not very complicated, though. Alex is a dear friend of mine and I wanted to help him gain some more recognition for his work so we repackaged his Sinners album for distribution through Extreme Music.


  28. Alexander also composes with immediate music and as composed some of my favorite songs “end of days” “with an iron fist” “clash of the titans” “dark side of power” and more πŸ˜€

  29. Ricardo Costa Says:

    Hey Thomas, I’m from Brazil and have to say that you have a big fan club here! It’s nice to see that your new album is finally coming out. I’d like to listen to more “complete” tracks like Armada and Spirit of Champions from Dynasty. I feel that most trailer music are too short and do not have a well developed beginning, middle and end such as those. Otherwise, your music is great! I will certainly buy all your public albums. Best regards.

  30. Joining the news about a physical CD of Invincible when the FB page reaches 20.000 fans, can we hope for a physical CD for Illusions too ?

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Yes! Definitely, so spread the word πŸ™‚ Thanks guys! I will need some help from my fans to promote my own solo album/Thomas Bergersen πŸ™‚ Maybe on Facebook etc. Most people know the pre-release tracks such as Ocean Princess, Starvation, Merchant Prince etc. as “Two Steps From Hell”, which is fine, but it really isn’t part of Two Steps From Hell at all, nor is it trailer music πŸ™‚

      All the best,

      • Hey Thomas Ill do what I can from the southern hemisphere to help spread the word πŸ˜€ cant wait for illusions.

      • Well I will definately buy more copies of Invincible but also from Illusions. Guess that’s a form of promotion too.

        Thanks Thomas, I really like your interaction with the fans πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Thomas!
    Maybe it helps for you.

    If you dont like it, naturally i will delete.
    Nice day.

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Thanks Kacska! Everything helps of course πŸ™‚ I _hate_ that picture! haha πŸ™‚ Maybe also a better idea to have each piece of music in full, after each other, instead of segments from this and that. Thanks to all my fans for helping out! πŸ™‚ *love*

  32. Hey Thomas, off topic but will there be a video interview with you/two steps at some point? Would be lovely!

  33. Will eclipse and two steps from heaven release separately or at the same time? just curious.

  34. I made a new banner to promote Illusions.
    Feel free to use it to promote the album!

  35. Congratulations to “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”!!!
    I have no doubt. You are Mozart of the modern ages.

  36. united we stand divided we fall is breathtaking…
    Eclipse must be THE best of them all… I’m starting to wonder, who can really compare to Thom’s musical evolution

  37. I’ve been recording Jazz music and touring throughout Europe for many moons. I got hip to your abilities as I got into this digital domain of composing for Large ensemble etc etc. I have to say your sense of development… Harmony and melody is above and beyond most of what I have heard. I hope you will compose for feature films and keep on writing serious music as well. Your command of the sampled world is inimitable.


    Gust William Tsilis

  38. Tudhalyas Says:

    Hello from Italy!
    Thomas, I TRULY love your works. I really hope to find a physical CD of “Illusions” in my country… I think that just downloading tracks off itunes or any other digital retailer doesn’t make justice to your music.

    Keep up the excellent work! πŸ˜‰

  39. Thank-you Thomas for your awe-inspiring music.
    It has and will continue to be a motivation and inspiration to me. You truly are one of, if not the greatest composer of all time.

    Eagerly awaiting the release of your next album,

  40. beyondlsx Says:

    truly can’t wait for your upcoming are the best composer Thomas

  41. Firstly, thanks for your music Thomas, TSFH is going up and up in my daily listening charts πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for your new album. But, if you are releasing a solo album, what about Nick? Will he release a solo album as well? Too bad he doesn’t have a blog like you, you should push him to do it πŸ™‚ I’m also trying to get my classic guitar to play Could’ve Been – if you can help me (by giving me the chords used :D) it would be super awesome πŸ™‚

  42. Thank you Thomas Bergersen for your “lllusions”

    If God would strike someone with all his love and anger at the same time, it would be with your track Illusions because your music is freaking SOUL CRACKING !!!

    I love what you do and you have a gift from heaven.

    You make my soul explode> THANK YOU SO MUCH for your music and talents..
    I wish you will never stop and that you live forever.



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