Two Steps From Hell releases Illumina

For the past month or so I’ve been working on “Illumina”, a very different album than what you’re used to from Two Steps From Hell. It’s a very dreamy sequel to “Dreams and Imaginations”, and takes a step away from your typical blasting epic trailer music. I’m playing guitar and electric violin on it, and I’ve written 30 of the 33 tracks on the album (Nick has written “Missing Letters”, “Rapture” and “Prelude to a Nightmare”). Because the music isn’t really typical of what Two Steps are known for we decided not to release this one to the public, but perhaps some cues will be featured on a future release. You can listen to my tracks on Extreme Music’s site, or the mp3 demo:

Illumina Demo – Thomas J. Bergersen




27 Responses to “Two Steps From Hell releases Illumina”

  1. It’s a beautiful album Thomas (and Nick ofc). Keep it up, also these works 🙂

  2. Airvision Says:

    You are sooo fitting my taste 🙂 “Eyes Closing” is wonderful.

  3. A further beautiful album with further beautiful tracks!! 🙂 “Cloud Maker” is awesome!!

  4. Mondisto Says:

    The perfect sequel to Dreams & Imaginations; thank you so much!
    I really love Lost in Las Vegas and A Hole in the Sun!

  5. Clothilde Says:

    I love “I love you forever” and “Lost in Las Vegas”. Congratulations for this new album! It’s indeed rather different from the usual blasting music that we fans listen to, but I like it a lot too and I often listen to Dreams & Imaginations, it’s good to be able to listen to something less epic and more peaceful.

    (PS: wow, “Lost in Las Vegas” is a 10 min long track! I’m impressed, because this track is worth listening all the way through, it’s never boring, always nice. An electronic style cue that is 10 min long isn’t something I have expected but it’s a good surprise – it’s very well done 🙂 )

  6. Wow they’re awesome really! I still get the TSFH vibes though because I know they’re from you but dude, they still sound epic. Gonna keep playing ’em..

  7. Where is it possible to actually purchase this?

    • “Because the music isn’t really typical of what Two Steps are known for we decided not to release this one to the public”

      • If this album is of no commercial value, then couldn’t they release is for free? (Meaning the tracks aren’t used for trailers or anything)

  8. Wow this is great and its good to know your considering releasing more music to the public even after “invincible” which is fantastic.

  9. EliptikeS Says:

    Wonderful album. I hope you will keep on making this kind of album, namely D&I and Illumina, because their music make me dream…

  10. Thomas another heads up. Dont think us fans are just into the epic action stuff. There are alot of us who enjoy the tracks of Dreams&Imaginations and Now Illumina thats why we are all excited and waiting for Nemesis II to see what new emotions you can evoke with your epic music.

  11. Amazing album! Really peaceful. So different than epic “Power of Darkness”.
    “Could’ve been” (ahhh… guitar:) and “Cloud Maker” (fantastic female voice) are the best.
    Thank you very much for your great music.

    Greetings from Poland.

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Thank you Ania! It’s a very personal album for me, and all the tracks are some kind of reference to events in my life. “Could’ve Been” for example, was written when a relationship I was getting into didn’t quite work out. Some people have asked me what Lost In Las Vegas is all about, and that track was actually written a few years ago. Few people know this but I used to be a DJ before I got into orchestral music. Back then I produced a lot of trance music, and Lost in Las Vegas harks back to those days 🙂

      • Well, that’s really interesting to know. We can feel the emotions through your tracks. Lost In Las Vegas is a really special track, long of course, but never gets old, I can listen to it for hours without beeing bored. It puts me in the mood of discovering a city. I was in Amsterdam last week, and it works perfectly!
        We all hope you will give us more “personal” music.
        Thank you for sharing!

  12. It’s a beautiful album. Very different from most of your other stuff, and I just can’t stop listening to it. It would definitely be nice to get some (if not all) of this in a public release at some point.

    …. Pretty please?

  13. Hello there, I’ve been listening to your music for quite some time and the more music I hear from TSFH the more I find myself not listening to anything but TSFH, I simply adore ~100 of your songs.

    Thank you very much for bringing great music to my nearly deaf ears!

  14. Illumina is very beautiful. Your talent is amazing and your music has been very healing for me. I love ˝Enigma˝ and ˝ I Love You Forever˝. Thank you for sharing some of your private thoughts with us. Don’t ever stop composing music.

    Greetings to all from Croatia!

  15. When will nemezis 2 and why you took so long pull?

  16. Beautiful and inspiring. It makes me want to go into the studio and create. thank you

  17. Does anyone know who does the vocals in “Ulthuan” ???

  18. This album is AMAZING.

    I love all of Two Steps music, all the dramatic scenes that are played out in the individual pieces. Ones imagination runs wild!
    This album is easily my favourite. I love all of the epic “battle” style pieces, but I treasure above all the emotional ones. They really make an impact.

    I can’t wait for the next music you release, and I really hope that it will be available for public release!

  19. Besides not being the typical TSFH album, this is like a loaf of fresh air.

    Really liked this album, specially “I love you forever”, “Lost in las vegas” and “Could’ve been”. Keep it up and still waiting for Illusions!

  20. Allison Says:

    I love this incredible album! Keep up the good work! In my opinion, this is the best album TSFH have made so far! Even more then invincible. It’s very inspiring and helps me come up with new ideas for my writing. Thank you so much!

  21. Peter Poulos Says:

    i stumbled across “i love you forever” and am completely obsessed with your music. i completely respect your decision to not release this album to the public, but i strenuously encourage you to rethink that stance. Sharing this music, this GIFT, would be amazing. I am a new fan and would love to have this music as part of my collection.

    • Mondisto Says:

      Hi Peter,

      I think you will be pleased to know that Thomas will release a public album in the near future, called “Sun”. This album will feature Thomas’ favorite tracks from the Two Steps From Hell albums “Illumina” and “Dreams and Imaginations”, along with some bonus tracks.

      Thomas has recently released his very best album yet, a public album entitled Illusions, re-titled from Nemesis II. If you haven’t yet, I strongly advice you to stop anything you are currently doing, and check it out immediately. It is INSANELY good.

      I invite you to check Thomas’ Facebook artist page (it’s public) for all the information you want. He answers and gives updates very often. Check there and TSFH’s facebook page as well for updates, because this blog isn’t used anymore.

  22. How i hope the album’s available to buy..

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