Star Trek TV spot (Fate of the World)

Hey guys, you can hear portions of the track “Blade Blade” from the upcoming Two Steps From Hell album “Power of Darkness” in the new Star Trek TV spot called “Fate of the World”


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  1. sharklover8 Says:

    Wow, great piece of music Thomas! It gave me goosebumps. Looking forward to the TSFH album coming out. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!

  2. I’m sure going to buy this album, so many hot tracks and this is one of them.

    Thanks for the update, looking forward for the release date.

  3. Kinda hard to actually hear the track.

    All you hear is a voice, stingers, hits and explosions…

  4. Got damit. The Power Of Darkness will be aswesome album. But i think that we all want more infos and very offten:)

  5. Jp Perdition Says:

    thx for lettin us know TJB, was looking for the title of that song ๐Ÿ˜€
    amazing stuff!!!

  6. Another great track (even with small preview and voices, sounds…)
    That means this album is really wanted, track licensed before the album is out lol
    Too bad this album won’t be public :/
    But I guess we can’t have everything right ?

  7. Wow, this track is great, really epic, even if it’s not easy to hear it, like Will said… but good foretaste for the next album!
    Well done tjb, as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. that sounded amazing, hard to hear, but still amazing. I can’t wait to see the little thumbnail called “The Power of Darkness” to appear on your website!

  9. That sounds incredible!

  10. nemesistjb Says:

    Hey guys, a couple of tracks from Power Of Darkness will make it on the Genesis album, that’s why I thought this one was of interest to you! Thanks for your comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. awesome! I was desperately waiting for an update ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Outstanding song! Suited it perfectly and I loved it! I really hope this is one you’ll put on Genesis!

    Please keep us posted!

  13. Wow! That is an AMAZING track! Two Steps is certainly making its way up the food chain to become top dog….they are even beating Immediate Music and X-Ray Dog in my books! Keep it up TJB! Amazing stuff! You truley are brilliant!

  14. Awesome track, congrats TSFH! Thank you for this great music… ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Very good work ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s amazing !

  16. The video has been removed.

  17. haha, you cant have everything! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    for a moment I thought the track’s name was “Dark Blade” O_o

  18. desertfox2 Says:

    I absolutely love this track!!! Amazing work as always! TSFH rocks!!!!

  19. Apophis_ Says:

    Hey, one question for You guys from TSFH: could be possible for You to post some photos from music production? I’d like to see orchestra, choir, singers, studio etc. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Hey guys, there will be photos and video footage from our Power of Darkness CD sessions, scheduled to be released in a few months.

      • MrDream Says:

        Thats awesome Thomas. Do you think that you willl be so king and you post photos and video footage from Nemesis II to?

  20. Apophis_ Says:

    BTW. You should take care of TSFH page on –

    Its possible to put music (like Nemesis promos!) or news there, so its great idea to promote TSFH :>

  21. nice thomas. please go on.

  22. That’s great news Thomas! I just want to say again I love you guys and truly believe you the most blessed and wonderful production company out there right now. I really admire all your work and hope to one day meet you. As for now I will be looking forward to everything you’re coming out with…especially Power of Darkness, please put the Blade Blade song on your Genesis release! That would make my year!

  23. What i could hear until now has inspired me!

    I hope your upcomming Albums will come for sale just here in Germany.

    Yours sincerely Fan ivi

    PS.:The Link does not work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  24. Wow! Thomas I just saw a TV spot for Wolverine that used(if I’m correct) a bigger portion of Blade Blade from Power of Darkness! It was Amazing!!

    P.S. Let me know if I’m correct….Once again I really hope you put it on Genesis!


    • MrDream Says:

      Yep, I agree with Luke, i heard the “main motiv” of Blade Blade in this Wolverine TV spot to

      • MrDream Says:

        Ups. Can you please delete this post Thomas, Thank you. I wrong post tv spot adress

  25. running Says:


    I know it’s probably illegal and everything, but I have to ask you this thing…

    I am now listening to Forgotten September from Dreams&Imaginations … where the hell is this from? This songs reminds me …. something … something I cannot really describe … is it inspired by something or is it just that, just something forgotten in the autumn 20 years ago?

    thanks for replying! your fan from Prague ๐Ÿ™‚

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Forgotten September is a piece I wrote a long time ago (several years) and was the source for Boom Jinx’ Remember September remixed dance track available on Anjuna Beats vol.5 mixed by “Above & Beyond”:

      So maybe you have heard it on the dance floor in a club, or at one of the huge events that Boom Jinx and Above & Beyond have played at ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Dear goodness. I’ve had that album for a while and never noticed your name in the title till you mentioned it here. Wow! :D. Two of my favourite genres collide!

  26. So less news lately TJB?

    How is Nemesis 2 progressing?

    Is it being released simultaneous with Genesis?

    And the most important question: when do we all have to get our dogs and guns out to hunt down ‘The Power Of Darkness’?

  27. Agreed, news on Nemesis II would be appreciated. almost two months without a news. =P

  28. I agree with Jp and William, I think we would all very much appreciate any updates TJB…then again, all this time without news must mean you’re hard at work creating this amazing music so on behalf of all the TSFH fans I want to say thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

  29. I think I’m going to love Power of Darkness!

    By the way, am I hallucinating or the music featured in Star Trek trailer #2 is different from Down with the Enterprise? I found that the melody line itself is closer to War Begins, although the arrangement sounds definitely more like Down with the Enterprise. Is there a version that’s exactly like the one in the trailer?

    • Must be a custom track from Nick. Down with the Enterprise (by the tittle, it’s was clearly writen for that movie, I think Nick is a fan ;))
      So he shouls have modified it as the client asked, for it fits better with the trailer, that’s my guess.
      Unfortunatly those tracks are not release on albums.

      Other topic : can we have news on Nemesis II ? Something like how many tracks will be on it and an estimation of it’s advancement in % maybe ?
      By the way, Master of Shadows (2012 trailer) by Nick must be on Genesis!!


  30. Please clarify, will be Nemesis II and Genesis CD release or iTunesonly. Ive read on trailermusicnews it will be itunes. so?

  31. Dirk (again) Says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Do you have any updates on the upcoming albums? It’s quite a long time ago since the last update and I guess we are all desperately waiting for the release of Nemesis II

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