Freedom Fighters

There has been a lot of interest in the Freedom Fighters music in the new Star Trek trailer (thanks!) so here’s some more information for you. The executives at Paramount studios ultimately had the final say in what music was used for the trailer. They ended up liking the music so much they wanted exclusive rights to use it (to avoid us from licensing it to other advertisement campaigns). This does however not mean that the music cannot be published on CD, and we’ll likely include the modified version on one of our future public releases.

Make sure you catch the trailer at your local theatre, as the surround sound mixing is EPIC!


Thomas J. Bergersen


54 Responses to “Freedom Fighters”

  1. Wow… that’s one of the more powerful trailers I’ve ever seen and it’s largely due to that fantastic cue you’ve written… I’m an aspiring composer myself and I’m curious to know what sample libraries if any were used in that track… I really liked the ethnic lisa gerrard sounding vocal phrases you used… where does it come from? voices of passion or something you recorded for the project? I’m curious to know just how much or how little of that cue was produced using commercially available sample libraries. Amazing work.

    • nemesistjb Says:

      Thank you Chris. All the samples and live performances in the track are completely custom. The vocals are sound designed/processed Bulgarian folk lore voices recorded for the track.

  2. trailerman Says:

    I was today in the cinema and i saw the trailer. Really gives goosebumbs of awesomness =)
    Can i ask, how long have you been working on Nemesis 2 ? It took a lot of time and money but it deserves

  3. Jp Perdition Says:

    good job TJB, awesome track !! its “grandiose” !

  4. Thanks Guys I think you are going to make a lot of fans happy on this one including myself – let me know when you release the album as I’ll be first in the queue.

  5. Do you guys have any plans to open yourself up to scoring entire films? As a collector of over 400 film scores, I am truly amazed by all of your cues and think you guys are incredible!

    It’d be sad for the trailer world to lose you, but on the other hand… your truly epic work deserves to be heard longform in a feature.


  6. That’s great to hear!
    I was actually thinking that yesterday, while watching the trailer, because I knew Paramount was looking into having exclusive music rights for their Star Trek promotion. I’m so glad you’re considering putting it on a public release! Great song! Can’t wait to hear it at the theaters.


  7. Jonathan Says:

    Wow. Was not expecting a new ST trailer and saw it Wed night and was completely blown away. This music makes the film look 10x better and it already looked awesome. Can’t wait til I can buy this music.

  8. The instant I saw the latest trailer I had to find out where the music came from.

    This is the first time I’ve heard about TSFH, but I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed Down with Enterprise and Freedom Fighters sounds even more epic.

    The music everything. It gave me goosebumps.

  9. Music From Star Trek Trailers…

    Maybe you’ve seen the latest Star Trek trailer. If you not you’ve missed one of the best trailers in a long time. I saw it several times and it gives me goosebumps every time I see it.
    I blame the goosebumps on the music used in the latest …

  10. quote:

    “as the surround sound mixing is EPIC!”

    you shouldn’t point out the obvious… your music is EPIC and we all know….
    its great news, i watched the trailer again and again just to hear the music.

  11. doober187 Says:

    r u gonna include “moving mountains” as well, u should.

    p.s. – i cried at this trailer, seriously i cried EPIC tears, i watch this everyday now, wanting to kill jj abrams because i cant see the movie yet. I just hope the movie is as emotional as this trailer

  12. Oh please let us have an MP3, pretty please.

  13. Sunfell Says:

    Dang- I was hoping I was going to hear that music in the movie. Still, it’s some of the best I’ve heard in a long time, and it really amped up the trailer a lot.

    I think that history will note that this trailer + your composition was what turned around the new Trek film in many a mind.

    Including mine.

    I’d buy an MP3 of it from you in a heartbeat.

  14. you are our hero as always.

  15. Composer’s work should be given more respect for people,
    also the Commercial company as WB..
    Thomas, you get all our biggest support.

  16. NaradaAlpha Says:

    Could you work out a deal to include the various Star Trek trailer scores on the film’s score CD???

    • NaradaAlpha Says:

      p.s.–i of course mean the versions used in the trailers LOL:)

      • nemesistjb Says:

        I have never heard of a film score album that included the original trailer music, but I see no reason why it shouldn’t be possible (except that the OST composer might have some objections to it since it could ruin the musical flow of the album). We’ll look into it!

  17. Jonny Boy Says:

    I am thrilled to hear that we may be able to buy this cue (and others) soon. I love music, and I’m a musician, and this cue is wonderful. A great example of the power of harmony and simplicity. And, yes, the trailer looks and sounds even more amazing on the big screen. That music just fills the entire theater!

  18. awesome music :), can’t wait for nemesis 2

  19. Great idea for this blog Thomas. It only exists for a week and you can already see how many followers and fans you have. I can assure you a lot more will come in the future.

    Thanks for reaching out to your fans and not staying in the ivory tower. Soon we can all enjoy your art in full form and high quality.

    Freedom fighters is only one superb track of all the ones you have already written…

    • “I can assure you a lot more will come in the future.”

      Yeah, some of us are just watching impatiently and waiting for the public release 🙂

  20. Artists like you and Nick should be getting more credit. I really like Freedom Fighters and i will support all your great work by buying all the public CD’s when they are released.

    Finally i can enjoy the music without the SFX from trailers 🙂

    Its really interesting how the ‘trailer music industry’ is changing. The “big boys” from the industry are releasing public CD’s now too…its like a dream come true

  21. I just downloaded the new Star Trek trailer and after watching it I had to find out more about the music. Incredible! Too bad it won’t be used in the Movie, because it truly is EPIC and elevates Star Trek to a whole new level. Goosebumps! I hope it appears on the soundtrack CD at the very least. Keep up the awesome work.

  22. Freedom Fighters is trully EPIC music in its total . I have seen the “Star Trek trailer 3” over 50 times and every time i hear it , i like it even more . It gives you chills every time you see/hear it . Great , great , great job you guys . It’s been along time since a trailer has been so much popular like a masterpiece since the legendary music from The Lors Of The Rings 1,2 and 3 trailers/music by Oscar winner Howard Shore .

    At last i want to say a big THANKS for that awesome music called “Freedom Fighters” .


  23. Freedom Fighter is indeed a huge piece of art : I am almost disappointed by the fact it won’t be in the movie soundtrack since it add such a dramatic and powerfull feeling to the whole trailer. Anyway , it’s definitly one of the best cinematic theme I’ve heard since a long time !!

  24. This is one of the reasons a lot of us appreciate TSFH’s music so much more than other companies. This track definitely qualifies as one of the top tracks ever made by TSFH and will introduce a whole new bunch of people to trailer music. Just read the official Star Trek forums on what people think of the trailer music.

    The only thing that’ll disappoint us all is that we’ll never hear this track featured in the movie, then again that is the nature of trailer music. A shame as a lot of non-trailer music enthusiasts will clog up Amazon comments on the soundtrack stating it not having Freedom Fighters.

    Technically TJB, if you time the release of your public album around that of the Star Trek soundtrack, there will probably be a fair bit of interest lol.

  25. Hi, I’ve tried emailing you and was wondering what employment opportunities TSFH might have to offer, if any? Please let me know if you’ve received my latest email that I’ve sent. My contact info is

  26. With all due respect to clone Zimmer is not what I expect from Bergersen, in spite of the fact that this trailer music is huge. I don’t understand why people running ape about it. I’ll pray to hear more of the music I love this composer for.

  27. lesterfreamon Says:

    Great tune, it amplifies the effect of the trailer tremendously. You should release a purchasable mp3 version quickly though as their are already pirated versions available on the ‘net if you look hard enough.

    Someone here already mentioned the Lord of the Rings trailers, which I think are very relevant to this situstion. They had a similar effect on the public, increasing anticipation enormously, and relied heavily on stirring music. However the previous poster credits the trailer music to the films’ overall composer Howard Shore.

    In fact those trailers mostly used a full orchestra version of Clint Mansell’s Requiem for a Dream theme, which did not feature in the Lord of the Rings movies or on their soundtracks at all. I remember lots of my friends being very disappointed when they bought the soundtracks and found that track missing. Hopefully now that they have the exclusive rights Paramount will avoid making the same mistake and even if they dont actually use this song in the movie, at least include it on the soundtrack.

  28. I believe it has been used by Sky Movies in the UK, have you licensed it there?

  29. I actually just tried to find it on iTunes. Fantastic, moving music. Virtually everyone I know has the same reaction on viewing Star Trek trailer 3 – “goosebumps”. I’d definitely like to see you score feature-length films.

  30. Freedom Fighters didn’t catch the audience when i was in cinema last week. Down With The Enterprise felt much better.
    I think everyone sitting with me inthe theater watching the star trek trailer won’t spend their money to see star trek. It’s a shame… but Freedom Fighters killed their interessed.

  31. CountMOPS Says:

    I think it is the same Level as John Williams in his best days…

    sounds wonderfull

    Greetings from Germany

  32. I listen to alot of the “bigger richer” soundtracks – and i must congratulate you on making such a moving piece of work – i am a big Craig Armstong / Rob Dougan fan – and this is as good if not better! thanks for making my ears feel loved!

  33. absolutely stunning mate, superb work, would love to know if you guys have got a CD coming out with this and some other releases??

  34. Wow. I could repeat what everybody wrote… It’s a fantatic score…
    Let me know when it’s available on CD to the public…
    Great work !

  35. I bought the soundtrack the other day thinking and assuming this piece of brilliant music was on the cd……I was so disappointed it was not. I liked the cd but this score you made Thomas is so inspirational words cannot describe. I listen to the trailer and I’m in AWWWEEE!!

    I had to search the net to find out where it was. I truly hope this score will end up on a future Star Trek Soundtrack and especially the Blue-Ray/DVD version. I mean just having this score playing as you’re popping in the DVD makes you almost never wanting to hit the play button. Anyway, great work and I can’t wait for your future scores.


  36. EPIC is a weak word to describe this cue. I was looking for 1 hour to find that this is not in the OST by Michael G. when I stumbled upon Two Steps From Hell. Congratulations Thomas on the hair raising music. Btw. I am from Bulgaria and felt happy (and proud) to see that the choir parts are from Bulgarian folk singers.

    It’s a pity we cannot buy Two Steps From Hell’s works for private use 😦

  37. YES!!! – I cant wait till you guys release some of your material on CD for commercial use. I love Freedom Fighters, it’s so epic albeit a bit short but still epic. I can only listen to it via the star trek trailer which isnt the best quality mind you but it’s all we can get for the moment. When you say “modified” does this mean longer in any way because that would be great. 😀

  38. I’m a realy big fan of the music, freedom figters, to the trailer for star trek. thers just one big problem. I coudn’t findt it on the cd that is made for the film. So hav can i findt it then? I realy love that music.

  39. I absolutely love this music and share the ‘goosebumps’ experience. Credit to the unsung trailer editors for matching up this gorgeous piece with Bruce Greenwood’s performance.

  40. using surround sound on your sound system and home theater is great, the sound are very realistic “”

  41. This is amazing!
    I love well-made trailers, but there is a huge difference from a good trailer with a good track, such as the one for “I Am Legend”, and a good trailer with a brilliant soundtrack, such as Star Trek. Being a Danish citizen, the trailer was a perfect “tease” as the wait for the Danish premiere was looooong! Seldom have I experienced such a vibrant trailer! It has, as has been mentioned on various forums, some elements of the “dark knight” but it is, in my opinion even topping that!
    Kudos should be given, when Kudos are needed, and this is certainly the case here.
    Best regards from a score-fanatic

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  45. […] it to other advertisement campaigns)” Thomas Bergersen, co-founder of Two Steps From Hell, explained on his blog in 2009. As a result, “Freedom Fighters” is now associated with the Star Trek trailer. Some even think […]

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