Vocals recorded on Ocean Princess

Yesterday we completed the final vocal recordings on a track titled “Ocean Princess” for Nemesis II. Merethe Soltvedt performed beautifully as always and took the music to new heights. She wrote elven lyrics for the piece, which gives it a very ethereal and smooth edge. The piece is a continuation in style and a counterpoint of the already well known piece “Merchant Prince”.

Listen to a short sample here: http://www.thomasbergersen.com/princessexcerpt.mp3


Thomas J. Bergersen


46 Responses to “Vocals recorded on Ocean Princess”

  1. MrDream Says:

    Hello Thomas, excelent track, i love more than Merchant Prince that is awesome to. But full lenght version of Ocean Princess must be unbeliveble.

  2. Yay, more Merchant Prince style!
    Great vocal from Merethe as always.
    Love it 😀

  3. Jp Perdition Says:

    beautiful ! keep up the good work !!! i love it ! =D

  4. toshiroo Says:

    Yeahh I love Merchant Prince, the rythm, the style of voice, perfect music
    One of the best ….

    Ocean Princess sounds great too ….
    Excellent job !

  5. trailerman Says:

    Sounds awesome Thomas ! You put really much work in this music. We all love it because…it’s with love inside it. You should score movies, maybe upcoming Pirates of the caribbean 4 ? 😉

  6. You could make a whole album with tracks like this one with female vocals.
    It’s like being in Heaven!!!

  7. Oh man this is beautiful! can’t wait for it!

  8. Wow, I so excited about this track. As I heard in the beginning of the cue, there will singing a huge (male) choir in the song too? So this elvish theme mixed with the “nemesis-style” choir.. I think it will be fantastic. 😀

  9. Licenturion Says:

    Great song once again Thomas!
    I’m really glad that finally your great work is getting published so everyone can enjoy it without the trouble of obtaining it! It’s hightly appreciated!

    I was a bit bored today so here is the Ocean Princess 🙂
    —link removed due to copyright infringement notice received from http://www.svitart.com—

  10. Again, a very beautiful song, can’t wait for the full version! And Licenturion should make official covers for TSFH, his fan art is really great! When I first saw this on ffshrine, I thought is was the official one…

  11. desertfox2 Says:

    That is absolutely amazing work Thomas!!! It’s so great that this music is finally going to be released publically! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  12. Eximius84 Says:

    Thank you for this fantastic music, Thomas! You are truly an amazing composer!

  13. Elendil Says:

    That’s ok, I’m definitely in love. There’s not enough words to describe that. Unbelievable. Quite the same style as “Merchant Prince”, I love. Thank you so much. You’re the best.

  14. The only thing I like more than huge chorals are vocals, if they are well performed.

    And this is one of the best I’ve ever heard. 😀

  15. I LOVE that Song. At least as much as “Keys in your arms”. 🙂

    • What is “Keys in your arms” ?

      • You will find this song on his HP. It’s added yesterday. Just great…

      • Dammit, his HP “just” links to this blog. Is Key in your arms still legally around?

      • Wow, ok I had a direct-link to his Demo-page in my “favourites”, so I always came directly in this demo-section. But now as you say, it’s right, this section can’t be accessed anymore via his small violin-symbol. I hope it wasn’t illiegal to download his song anyway… cause I saw, he erased it by now. 😦

      • nemesistjb Says:

        Wow you guys are really quite the detectives 😉 Keys – In Your Arms is a side project and has nothing to do with Nemesis II or Two Steps From Hell.

      • Ok, NOW I’m very curious about KEYS. Seems to be the official TJB – Band. ^^ If there will be an album out there, I’m the first one to get it. “In your arms” is just so great, love that one, really great job. Especially the synth-programming and the harmonics. And hey: the choir has the same lyrics than most of my choir-arrangements! 😀

  16. When i was listening to memories i was imagining that she was in my arms . This song is so beautifull, thank you very much

  17. Amazing track, I love it 😀

  18. Can you tell us Thomas what music style will Nemesis II contains? Merchant Prince and Ocean Princess are ubeliveble vocal tracks, Starvartion is Bulgarian Choir and huge orchestra. Its very different music style that we listen in your Nemesis epic and drama demos. I hope that Nemesis II will be contains more track like MP and OP.

  19. Zoltan Kolozsvari Says:

    I hope that Nemesis II will contains both of these styles. I think Nemesis was also contained both aggressive choral and sweeter vocal tracks too and in my opinion mixing songs of different styles, could be a very good and a very interesting feature of an album. 🙂

  20. nemesistjb Says:

    Nemesis II’s main focus is on human emotion. Love, beauty, grief, the things that inspire us in life and makes us want to go on even in the toughest of times. Expect a very varied CD!

    • Nice

      But then I hope that Genesis will focus on hardoce, dark, apocalyptic, adrenaline pumping tracks like ASAP, Immortals, Red Omen, Crusaders, … Otherwise we have 2 ‘calm’ albums…

    • Awesome Thomas. I love this style of music:-)

    • Wow, i’am really looking forward to listen to it.
      “focus is on human emotion. Love, beauty, grief” that reminded me Dreams & Imagination, my favorite album. The kind of the music doesn’t really matter for me, the most important are the emotions you can feel by listening it.

  21. OMG!!! i am in love with this track!
    When will the full album be released!!?!?!
    I need it asap!
    oh and btw i first discovered you guys when i watched the trailer to “The Edge of Love” and i heard this music and i became obsessed with finding out what it was. It was Protectors of the Earth (my all time favorite)
    Please release Ocean Princess soon!!!

  22. Another version of Nemesis II cover 🙂

  23. nemesistjb Says:

    Very nice!! I like it 🙂

  24. TwoStepsFan Says:

    beautiful song! i like orchestral songs 🙂

    greetings from switzerland.

  25. MrDream Says:

    Is there any fantasy fan who speak elven language? I am insteresting what is the Ocean Princess demo lyric about.

  26. not bad..

  27. I can listen to this music over and over…I never tire of it. I can not wait
    to be able to finally purchase full tracks. I love the heavy sounding tracks but I also hope you include some of your amazing string and ethereal voice tracks..they are the best!! On the TSFH website the first 2 minutes on the dreams CD is my all time favorite (I visit your site frequently just to hear those small clips over and over) and Merchant Prince rocks. Thank you for listening to all us fans that can’t get enough of your amazing work!!

    Kevin Smith from Ohio (USA)

  28. Astonishing albums, you’ve made. Absolutely top of the world.
    I’d be pleased to share you this ‘fan art’ I made, in hope to share my enthusiasm.

    I am looking forward to your upcoming productions.
    Great job.

  29. If Nemesis II will include tracks like Ocean Princess, Merchant Prince (vocals), Starvation, Atlantis & Enigmatic Soul (uplifting melodies) it will be the greatest album ever made.

  30. Hello!

    Will be any update here?

  31. This is…astounding. I honestly can’t wait for more. Also, amazing work with the 2012 trailer “Master of Shadows” score.

  32. Callista Maris Says:

    So whatever happened to Nemesis II? Was it ever released? Or was this song released on any other albums? I VERY much want to buy a copy of this song but it does not seem to exist outside of Youtube.

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