Release dates

I’m getting this question a lot. When is Nemesis II due out? Truth is, I don’t know for sure. The music is still being written and produced, and a lot of work remains. I’m hoping to have it done before the end of 2009. Meanwhile Two Steps From Hell will continue to release new albums. Our next album is codenamed “Power of Darkness” and will please many of the more hardcore epic trailer music fans.


Thomas J. Bergersen


20 Responses to “Release dates”

  1. Thank you for bringing these news and this blog to us. Highly appreciated :).

  2. Although we can’t wait for Nemesis II, it’s a good thing you take you time for making it great.
    Already a new albums! My God, you guys are really productive.
    Keep the great work comming Thomas, Nick, Troels and Merethe 😉

  3. trailerman Says:

    You’re incredibly fast and awesome. Keep on the good work Thomas, we appreciate it very very much 🙂

  4. realman Says:

    hey thomas,
    dont you wonder why people are so excited about a new nemesis release? normally people shouldnt know about this our have the chance to listen to full albums of 2 steps….isnt it strange people want nemesis2, just like they got nemesis1 and legend? 🙂
    just saying, those people try to get your music illegally, cheers 😛

    • trailerman Says:

      we try to, because we love it. You aren’t inocent too 😉
      Well Nemesis 2, is a good idea. It’s legal and awesome.

  5. Getting the other music “illegally” doesn’t much matter, probably not to anyone here. If Thomas was upset about it, there would not be any such blog nor any Nemesis 2. Fact is, most people only download it for private listening, not to use it, so no harm done.

    The fact that Thomas doesn’t get angry about it shows he’s a true artist, not just a soulless salesman like vanton of IM. Remember the fuss this guy made about some of their generic music leaking due to their own fault on ffshrine? Ridiculous!

    TSFH care for their fans, and that’s what makes a true artist. I, on my behalf, will BUY Nemesis II – even if I could find 10 working rapidshare or whatever links, even if the CD would cost 100 bucks! That, on the other hand, it’s what makes a true fan.

    • nemesistjb Says:

      You are very kind, Kmb! We try our best and even if we don’t end up selling that many copies, I do believe in karma 🙂 Music is my passion and my drive in life and I feel privileged to be in a position that enables me to share it with so many fellow music enthusiasts around the world.

      Thanks for your support! All of you!

      • Stephen Says:

        I will also buy Nemesis Two upon release, though I don’t participate in any of this “filesharing” bunkum. As I don’t watch many movies and missed the Star Trek trailer, I don’t even know what your music sounds like. I simply feel a strange responsibility to you, as if I already knew it would be great, as if I’d already received some great and wonderful gift – the soaring voices, the elaborate instrumentation, the grand and majestic feeling which overwhelms my soul –

        man, it’s like I can almost hear your music already, like I were listening to it right now..

        well, good luck with your work, which I simple.. uh, believe, is good. Yes. Faith and all…

  6. My hope is that all the illegal stuff stops someday. I’m really happy that Two Steps From Hell and Immediate Music (and others) are venturing into the commercial release realm with these albums. This is a great sign for the fans, and as fans we should support their efforts. I definitely look forward to it.

  7. TimberWolf87 Says:

    Really looking forward to the album releases, you guys have produced the greatest instrumental so far in my opinion cannot wait whether on CD or iTunes will definetly be purchasing great music.

  8. Another album containing epic score. Man, if I’ll continue reading I’ll burst because of joy.

    Anyway, there are still a few entries which want to be read.

    And, by the way, I’ll buy ANY album which will be made officially available to the public, despite how many illegal possibilities are given. If they would be already available for preorder, I’d do it right now.

  9. Hello Thomas, i was wondering how many CDs will Nemesis II have? On TSFH website i readed that Nemesis I has one cd, so Nemesis II can have two cds:)

  10. Oh my.. Nemesis II will be on sale?..
    That is a dream come true and a huge step for the whole scene.

    Thank you for letting your fans give something back by buying! 🙂

  11. nemesistjb Says:

    Nemesis II will be one CD, but each and every track has been produced with love and care to hopefully stand the test of time. The CD was actually finished half a year ago but I decided to throw out half the tracks that I wasn’t 100% happy with, and start over again. That’s why it’s taking some time.

    • o.O Did you really throw out half the tracks? Then the album will be slightly remade. I would miss the deleted tracks :). Btw there wasnt any update so far, i dare to hope the producing continues :).

  12. Awesome News!!!

  13. Thomas, I thought you might find it interesting where some of your music is being listened to, am currently deployed overseas and me and some of my buddies use TFSH music to psyche ourselves when we need to get encouraged…it’s very inspiring music and no matter which side of the political spectrum someone identifies with regards to this war, your music helps gives us a boost everyday to do our jobs. Don’t worry, it’s not being mass copied and distributed across the 4th Infantry Division or anything, it’s just some of us in my team that like soundtrack music…it’s great during helo hops! Our favorite is the Legend Promo, the second movement is awesome! 🙂

  14. This is awesome news, i cant wait for this to be released. I do have a few question though.

    1. Upon reading the descriptions for your previous works, i realy liked the sound of your Dreams and Imaginations. Is there any chance the public might get their hands on this via CD or digital download in the near future.

    2. Im really looking forward to your public release, please keep us informed on who the distributor will be so us fans can place pre-orders. Cheers.

    Anyway, keep up the great work you guys are doing. TSFH rock. 🙂

  15. Just awesome!!!
    But i just would like to know when Nemesis II comes out ?
    Thank you in advance

  16. where can you purchase Nemesis I

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