My music in the new Star Trek trailer #3

You may have noticed there’s a new Star Trek 11 trailer (#3). What a beautifully done trailer! I’m proud to be a part of this production. The music used is a modified version of the “Freedom Fighters” track on TSFH’s “Legend” album.



Thomas J. Bergersen


24 Responses to “My music in the new Star Trek trailer #3”

  1. It is indeed a beautiful trailer. I also liked the music in the other trailer from you partner, Nick Phoenix. But this trailer great too!

  2. Ted Novak Says:

    The music from the trailer deserves a full album composed around its central themes. It’s the most moving piece of music I’ve heard in a very long time. Bravo and congrats on the trailer.

  3. Hi, will it be possible to publish this modified version of “freedom fighters” to the public / fans ? That would be great ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks and Greetings from Germany ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jonathan Says:

    is there ANY possibilty to get that modified version of “freedom fighters” ? …
    i would so love it!…pleeease! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. hello Thomas,

    the trailer and the music track are PERFECT!!! really looking forward to the movie.

    will this modified version ever be published in some way? really love to hear that song over and over ๐Ÿ™‚

    all the best

  6. Andrew Biggs Says:

    Wow! Your music is absolutely sensation. Definatly the highlight for this trailer. Beautiful vocals. You absolutely HAVE to release this one for public consumption! Heh. Well done.

  7. Brandon Says:

    Due to the trailer, there has been much demand for the track already. I was wondering if this cue will be included on the forthcoming GENESIS album? I think fans would greatly appreciate it. An official response would be most appreciated.

    Thank you and keep rocking!

  8. how was the cue modified? btw, keep up the great work you do. your music is amazing and mind blowing! i love it to death and cannot get enough of it! i am waiting with money in hand to buy the public releases! will they be cd or digital releases or both?

  9. Can I echo everyone on here and please can you publish that music to the new Star Trek Trailer on an album that is available to us all. From what I’ve seen on other boards the fans are clambouring for the tune.

    Keep up the excellent work, looking forward to your published albums…I will be buying.

  10. D. Smith Says:

    The trailer is great. What makes it outstanding is — you guessed it — the music. I agree with the other commenters that (a) the music is so good it deserves to be further developed in a larger context, like a full album; and (b) you will make many people happy if you release this new modified version to the public.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  11. Developer006 Says:

    OUTSTANDING music. I was kinda devastated its not from the soundtrack because I just have a feeling the music wont be as epic or thematic. Nothing against gianciiio whatsisname but I just don’t see him doing this movie any justice. I WISH they had hired you instead frankly. Oh well..great work

  12. Jonny Boy Says:

    Wow, the trailer surely is stunning, and while it wouldn’t be so without the astounding visuals (from what surely will be an awesome movie), the music provides a context that makes this one of the best and most “epic” film advertisements I’ve ever seen. I would love to be able to have a copy of the track. Bravo, sir.

  13. Thats a fantastic track! The athmo ist just great!

    Do you customize the music yourself or do the editors cut parts of the music they want to use?
    When the one voice says in the middle of the trailer, that they recieved the call (or something like that), there is a short fading, isn’t there? Sounds like they filled in a very short break, that the horns start about 1/2 sec later, when the voice is over…
    Do you customize things like that or the editors?

  14. Maarten Says:

    Congratulations Thomas! Very, very cool. The trailer sounds and looks totally awesome. – Maarten

  15. I saw the trailer at the cinema the other day, and it blew me away. I could not wait to get home and find out who made the music and what it was called. It is the kind of music that completely takes you to another level. Goosebumps aside, it makes your heart miss a beat it is so beautiful and heroic sounding. Dude, you moved me, and I am so going to keep up with what you do so I can hear more mind blowing music.

  16. BeninCO Says:

    I want Freedom Fighters like yesterday. Just tell me when the CD is released and I’ll buy as many copies as I have family members. Truly outstanding work deserves the compensation which has moved us so much by that one trailer for Star Trek. I cannot emphasize this more than I already have. I just got paid today, and I’ve already set the money aside.

  17. Hey Thomas,

    I produce library music in a variety of styles, but the most fulfilling is orchestral movie score material. Can you suggest a way to better master the sounds and production? I think my catalogue would benefit from more “movie trailer”-esque material for promos. I’ve tried to find a way to get more hands-on experience, seeing specifics of how someone accomplished in that arena best uses sounds, mixes various sample libraries, orchestrates with virtual instruments, but I think I must somehow be coming across like a homeless weirdo. I’ll take any suggestions. What would Thomas do?

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